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Kid Kidnaps his own Mom?????

I read in the newspaper how a 13 year old boy held his mother captive against her will. Imagine that - your child charged by a court of law for "Kidnapping" and the victim, his Mom!!!!!
[ see copy of news clip below ]

This is why I believe in discipline and in "corporal" punishment. I believe that your child should have a healthy dose of respect for his/her parent and some fear too.

Fear of punishment will help your child to listen when thier small and respect you when thier big [ that is if your respectable ]. The facts are that my children will grow, will get stronger and I , well I will grow old and weaker.

I've seen parents in NY who basically lost all control of thier children and it sad to see the children run the home and worst - to see a child beat up on a parent.

Do you think she was wrong for calling the COPS?
If I were her, they would have called the cops on me to rip his dead corps from my closed fist..........

Police: Kid Kidnaps Mom

By Joe Seelig of Highlands Today
Published: March 10, 2008

SEBRING — A 13-year-old child was turned over to the custody of his mother after she called 911 and authorities charged the boy with kidnapping her and threatening to beat her for disciplining him.
The Sebring Middle School student reportedly got in trouble in school on March 6, and went to his mother, a Woodlawn Elementary teacher, to contact his school and bail him out, according to a Highlands County Sheriff's Office arrest report.
When she didn't take his side, the boy had a temper tantrum and began breaking her personal items in her office, the report stated. The mother then decided to discipline him at home, the report stated.
After being told he was grounded, the mother began unplugging his personal electronic devices to remove them from his room, the report stated.
The child, who reportedly is taller than his mother and out-weighs her by 25 pounds, had another fit of anger, blocking the door to his room. He then told his mother to put his stuff back, the report stated.
He reportedly clenched his fists on five occasions and refused to let his mother leave his room.
The mother dialed 911 on her cell phone because she was forcibly being held prisoner, the report stated.
According to the sheriff's deputy, the child admitted to standing in front of the door and blocking his mom's way.
He reportedly told the deputy that he knew his mother was afraid of him and that he has thought about hitting her before. He remembered being angry, but could not remember if he clenched his fists, the report stated.
Kidnapping or false imprisonment is a third-degree felony and assault with intent or threat to do violence is a second-degree misdemeanor.
The child was scheduled to appear before the Department of Juvenile Justice on Monday, according to the Sheriff's Central Records Department. The outcome of those proceedings are kept confidential.

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