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Woman locked in Bathroom 2 years!!!! ????

Woman locked in bathroom 2YEARS!!!

Let me just start off by saying - "why on Gods green earth did this man wait two years to get help for his girlfriend?" Come on, you think about it - he said [in the video below] they lived a normal life except that they did everything in the bathroom???
Like what? Eat, sleep, talk, .....SEX?????
That’s not NORMAL - you retard...!!

I Believe the police should consider charges of abuse or neglect. This woman must have some mental issues if she would come out of the bathroom. Didn’t he find it strange, odd. What about her friends, neighbors??? Doesn’t anyone find it strange. Boy, I can’t help it, but her boyfriend must be real kinky to want to always do it in the bathroom ........

1 comment:

Tim said...

Gives new meaning to the saying, "Shit or get off the pot!"

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