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A Social Site that helps you SAVE MONEY????

I don't know about this?
The Social site thing is getting used for everything now a days....

But I guess if it helps you save money - go for it. Personally I know a lot of other better ways to save money. The question is, "will people go for it"? If millions of americans join a social site that's all about how they can save money - I don't see the attraction...??? After all, when you think of social sites you don't think of a piggy bank Smarty Pig - you think myspace, facebook, and all the nudity and adult wanna be porn sites people

Here's SmartyPig!
We are extremely excited to introduce what we feel to be the most innovative, educational and rewarding way to save - ever. We call it “Simple, Smart, Savings.” We’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way. See, SmartyPig is not only a snap to use and is as secure as any other bank, SmartyPig will help you get more for your savings dollar than you ever thought possible.

In these scary economic times when credit card debt is skyrocketing, we feel the best way to help reverse the trend is to go back to the way things used to be. In our demo we ask the question, “Remember when you were a kid, and in order to buy something you had to save up?” In a nutshell, that is the idea behind SmartyPig. We want to help you get back on track. Phase out those credit cards. Set goals. Sensibly save up for them. Go back to the way it used to be... And be rewarded like never before for doing so.

We aren’t suggesting you leave your current bank or to stop saving for the things you are already saving for like retirement or your kids’ education or even your emergency fund. We just want to offer you a way to stop and smell the roses. You can start saving today for the holidays or a family vacation or a kitchen remodel without the worry of looming credit card debt - the kind that takes someone paying the minimum monthly amount on $1,000 more than 20 years to pay off.

So please explore the site, open an account, and if you find the experience to be rewarding, tell your friends and family members. For specific savings goals, we truly believe you’ll find SmartyPig to be the most rewarding way to go.

Feel free to contact us at anytime. And please enjoy the experience of Simple, Smart Savings.

- The SmartyPig Team

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