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Indiana Jones - yea baby!

The first time I saw an Indiana Jones movie was in my first year of highschool. I took an arts class - thought it was easy - and the teacher showed us the first movie - Indiana Jones. Ofcourse he then proceeded to talk all the mystery out of the movie as he showed us the inner workings of special efforts and errors he found in the movie.

But it didn't matter, this movie and this class strated me on mu movie buff journey. I know Indy is 70 years old and the stunts were done by someone else - but I can't wait to see this movie. SEE THE TRAILER BELOW!

My duaghter is looking forward to seeing it - I think I'll take the cammera and capture her excitment after the movie. I took her to see starwars episode one thru three - she loved it. I think she cuaght my love for movies.

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