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Birthday Tourture !!!!

Happy Birthday - KIKI

When my little girl was a bit younger - I tried to make her time exciting. She didn't have her brother back then and I sort of felt guilty that she had no one to play with. So I made sure I played with her and helped make play time fun. I would play McDonalds with her in her kitchen play set or create these elaborate treasure hunts for her to find a prize. I started doing it on her birthdays to make opening her present from me and mom more special, surprising and build up that excited expectation. After her brother was born, I sort of slowed down with the treasure hunt because - well, as she grew she acted [ let’s say ] less surprise. You know kids think their to grown up to do fun things they consider - kiddie like. But I try to teach her to stay a kid, enjoy it while it last because when you grow up - it gets harder to enjoy the simple things….. but this birthday I decided to surprise her with a mini-treasure hunt. first I tortured her - I gave her a birthday card two days early [ in which she could not open the card until her birthday ] - oh the agony I put her thru. For two days she just wanted to know if she could open it Finally, when we let her open it, she started her hunt. ofcourse I recorded the whole thing - but being the shy type she kept her composure while the camera was on.
I love my children, Their the best gift, the greatest, and a large part of the "joy" in my life. Happy Birthday

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