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It belongs to the Dog... yuk!

I just have to laugh , no really.

I don’t think my wife did it intentionally but it is ironic.
Let me explain - -

My sister-in-law came over yesterday and she noticed a red Elmo child seat by the coach. Being the overly excited ELMO fan she grabbed the seat up in her arms and jokingly hugged, kissed and exclaimed how cute and lovely the seat was… My wife just stood quite.

Then my sister stopped and embarrassingly said - “you know, this smells funny…” she took a good sniff and said “hey, this smells !” and my wife with a straight face said “ I’m sorry, that chair belongs to the Dog .....”.

Ofcourse my sister-in-law dropped the chair quickly and went running..... OH, I wish I had the camera with me, it would have made a great video.

But hey - that will teach her, next time she will stop and think before she acts. The dog probably thought it was rude of her to grab his chair - but then again he probably was surprise to see a human sniffing his chair. . . .....

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