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Love is a strange fickle thing

Love is a strange fickle thing

I grew up with seven brothers and sisters - and as much as we loved each other, we also hated each other. Ok, hate might be too strong a word but - we fought just as much as we loved each other. The funny thing is, my children are the same way.

For as much as they love each other - they fight like cats and dogs. They seem to want to get on each others nerves. Yesterday they were watching TV in the living room and it seemed like they were bitter rivals. Everything was a challenge. They couldn’t go twenty seconds without something to snicker and fight about. My son who seems to be the more “sneaky” of the two - found pleasure in ratting his sister out when he found some spilled juice in the frig. He came running to us with this happy grin as he said “ooh KIKI spilled a lot of juice all over the floor.... come, hurry, look”.

But what makes me laugh is that as much as they fight - they can’t be separated.

A perfect example was this morning. I wake up early and I go to check on the kids - and going into my sons room [ who is first room in hallway ] I noticed he was not in his bed. I went to kiki’s room and lo an behold - what should I find, my son is sleepy on the floor using kiki’s teddy bear as a pillow. Then my daughter wakes up and smiles as she informs me that she saw him sneak into her room early in the morning. Kids, they can drive you crazy and make you laugh while they do it.



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