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Mouse in my House - oh crap .......

The House of Mouse - NOT!

I love Mickey Mouse, especially visiting the "House of Mouse" at Walt Disney World. It's been hard to take a trip to see Mickey Mouse because everything is so darn expensive. I feel bad because my son hasn't been to see Walt Disney world and he is already four - a perfect time to build memories.

Ofcourse I bring this all up because we had a new visitor come to the house.

yes, a furry little creature - a mouse, mice - what ever is the correct word to use. It scared the living daylight out of me. There I was sleeping in my bed when my daughter called saying there was a strange noise in her room [ probably thought it was a monster .. lol ] but it turned out to be the mouse. apparently my son had hidden some of "Generals" [ dog my wife was baby sitting for friend ] doggie treats around the house. For the next three nights i had to wake up to fears of my wife and children because the mouse was making noise crunching on doggie treats. Who knew mice like doggie treats.

This mouse ofcouse was smart - I tried every human way to capture it alive - so i could set it free in the wild. No, this mouse would evade, escape and subvert all my well planed traps. So, after many complaints from my wife to buy some mouse traps - i broke down and got some good old fashion "kill" them critter traps.

I set them up and woke up to find success had knocked on my door. Except for one thing.

My wife was sad that the cute furry little creature was hurt. Did I miss something? If you wanted it dead, didn't you suspect it would get hurt in the process? Ofcourse she felt bad, I felt stupid, and the kids - well i lied to them and told them the mouse left on it's own..... So sue me.....

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