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Oh the Hypocrisy of fathers Day !

Oh the Hypocrisy of fathers Day !

I hate Days like Fathers day - it’s so fake, so hypocritical. You know, the one day out of the 365 day year where your family takes the time to show you how much they care for you as a Dad.

Well, the hypocrisy goes toward all days - mothers day, valentines day, even birth days.

I love my family and they love me. I know this not because they gave me a nice fathers day card and some very nice cloths [ better than a tie .....]

But because they show it too me every day of the year.
On fathers day, my wife went out shopping for five hours with the kids, ate lunch out at Paneras restaurant and came home and didn’t have to cook. What was my reward - that I had peace and quite for five hours and had to cook my own meal. yea, like I said I got the fathers day card and nice clothing. But I think my wife got the better end of this deal.

My point - I hate it when I am obligated to give someone something on a particular
day - and if I don’t, it’s taken as a sign of not loving that person or not appreciating them. Look, fathers day is nice, but today I took my kids out, called my wife at work and asked her to have lunch with me and the kids [ my treat ] and when my wife ask me why I was “staring” at her - I said, I was just enjoying her company. She blushed of course and thanked me.

Why do I have to wait for a special day to be nice, to appreciate the ones I love. Or why should anyone feel unwanted or unappreciated just because after being kind, loving, friendly and caring 364 days out of the year - this one day I did not buy you a gift, a piece of candy or give you a card.....?????

I have an idea - save yourself the stress and effort - don’t buy me a gift on Christmas, or fathers day, or on my birthday. Just visit me, spend some time talking with me, have fun and appreciate me every other day of the year.

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