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The Realization of my Dreams . . . .

Day 6 th of Summer

Oh the joy of being right..
I told you so............................
This morning [ as early as it is ] I arose to the sweet smell of victory. And all I could think to say was " I told You...} But I didn't. It seems that my wife is a bit upset becuase my duaghters room smells bad - ofcourse it does. The dog has been sleeping in her room and it's dog she smells. *** Surprise *** Not happy at all she orders my dughter to clean her room and spray that smelly princess stuff called Freebreez ???? Oh then she orders her to walk the dog.

Oh joy what a wonderful morning this is!

Now my duaghter is upset becuase [ already used to waking up late in the day ] she has to get up at 7 am to walk the dog [ well it wasn't going to be me ]. Ofcourse I couldn't help but document the disgruntle little girl walking the dog.

Ofcourse this only means that I have to put up with a "angry little girl" for a couple of hours early in my morning - but since I'm dad I can always send her to her room - the dog smelly room [ ha, ha, ha, I love it ].

Well, it's still early so i'll cut this short and see what else happens today.

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