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Summer Heat Drives people CRAZY

Children are crazy - or at least maybe only mine.

With all the possible places they can sit - sofa, couch, love chair, stools - they have to bring into the house a fold up lawn / beach chair to sit on. But it’s not enough that they have to bring it in - they start arguing and fighting over who will sit in it. Give me a break - you have the entire sofa to sit on but they both want to sit on this one fold up chair.

Here I am just trying to enjoy some down time, and all "hell" breaks out in my living room. Over what - a stupid fold up chair. Come on, when I was a kid 90 percent of the time we sat on the floor. First it began because we couldn’t afford a sofa, then it was just habit to sit on the floor. But not my children, they want to fight over one fold up chair. Sometimes I think they do just to drive me mad. But what they forget - that just like the HULK ..... "They don’t want to see me Angry....."

silly kids

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