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What did you say ?

Sometimes I wonder, No matter what you do - kids just have a way of getting everything mixed up.
Tell me - what do you think my son said to me in this picture......


After all I do to teach my son right from wrong. Yes, I let him play video games and some of these games involve "armymen shooting" and even halo. But when it comes to tv, movies, etc.. I make sure he sticks to kiddy stuff and that I teach him "bad is Bad" and "good is Good".

Well, today he woke up and ate breakfast, kissed mom goodbye and then disappeared into his room. He then emerged with his snow gloves and hat on. What did he say - "Dad, I'm gonna go steal like that guy on tv.".... What????

I assume he means the guy on the tv show where they show people how unsecure they are in thier homes and they prove it by breaking in. Then they supply them with better updated security systems. But ofcourse - what he remembers is - "the guy stealing ???????? "

Help me lord.........

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