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What Else Can Break ... . . ????

5 th Summer Day

Things are getting hectic around here, but what can you expect when you have an eleven year old, a four year old and a yapping little dog running around your house. I think I’m going crazy.

Today is not a good day. Last month I had a pin hole leak in the pipes and had to break part of the wall to get in there and fix it. Then the next day after that - the garage door “spring” broke. I mean broke, and it cost me almost $150 to get it replaced [ couldn’t do that on my own ].

Well, today the garage door opener broke. The gear inside apparently striped…???

First, I don’t understand why a gear that is used to raise a 200 pound or so garage door would be made of plastic - but it was. And boy did it get eaten up. I thought I could replace it, but once I opened it up - lets just say I don’t have those kinds of skills. So I had to convert the garage door back to opening and locking manually [ you know your lazy when you cringe at just of the thought of opening a door manually ]........

I’m going to have to go to the mall or Wal-Mart and see if I can by the part or just the main box - hate to think I might have to buy the whole system just because I need one small piece replaced. I guess things are not so bad. My wife scolded me because I said “I’m having a bad day”.. She said I need to think positive. What’s wrong with recognizing that something went bad, wrong, or is troublesome..... We’ll see how positive she will be when I let her open the garage door manually [ who am I kidding, she would rather sit and wait than open that heavy door herself ].

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