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4 th of July - hide and seek Mishap ???

Hide and seek - mishap ?

Forth of July - happy Birthday America.

A wonderful day for a Barbeque, jump in the pool with the kids and then play a little bit of “Hide and Go Seek”. You would think that it would be an easy thing to do - you know, you go and hide and a four year old has to try to find you. Well, it all started fine but it some how got all confusing.
I decided to play a little bit of hide and seek with my son - I already had cleaned the pool, mowed the lawn - it was time to have some fun before the barbequing. It started fine, I used the kitchen pantry closet to hide in and after waiting a few minutes I jumped out and scared him [ he was never going to find me - he’s four….. Well it was his turn and he decided to count [ while I went to hide ] in the same pantry closet. He counted up to fourteen before he started guessing at numbers and then it happened. I waited, waited some more and waited even more. I was starting to wonder if he forgot all about finding me. Then I heard him - he started calling out to me "Daddy come find me", "daddy come help me I’m stuck", when he thought I wasn’t coming he started calling out to kiki his sister to see if she would help him… When I went to check on him - he apparently had closed the closet and couldn't figure out how to open the doors and let himself out.
of course I had to get the video camera. Take a look below.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! I couldn’t stop laughing at this – He is soooooooo cute!!!
Richard M.

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