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High Cholesterol Diet - too expensive …..

High Cholesterol - 290 level..... when Diagnosed!

foodAs a parent I want to live long enough to see my children marry, have grandchildren and have them take care of me for a change. But when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol life pretty much changed for me. Ofcourse by my own choice. I gave up the French fries I love so much at Mcdonalds and cut much of the junk food I ate out. Started having more salads and healthy food - you know the kind that has no taste......

But with gas prices so high and that driving up prices on everything - it’s a bit hard to eat right. Going shopping can cost more than $130 dollars and that’s with out all the extra stuff I normally buy [ treats, candy, chips, food that taste good , etc. ]

But I learned that I atleast don’t have to give up going to Mcdonalds. Yep - I may not have the number 1 meal [ Big Mac meal ] but I can have a healthy and tasty alternative - the Snack wrap [ I prefer the chelope BBQ grilled or crispy ] . Believe it or not it’s low on cholesterol - and saturated fat - but 800 grams on sodium - so if you have problems with sodium [ salt ] avoid it - or just have one.
This High Cholesterol problem is under control - but I have to admit, it has done one good thing.. Well two: 1- one me up to the idea of trying new healthier foods. 2- help me be more conscious of what my kids eat. Once I realized what the kinds of food I was eating was causing to my body - I realized it had to be more damaging to their small growing bodies. I don’t mean weight either - I’ve been skinny as a rail all my life - I’m talking about health. What good is it to be skinny and sick or fat and sick - your still sick........

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