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Sleep Over Madness . . . . .

girls sleep over

You know as a parent, you concern yourself with a lot of things. You think - money may be tight but I want my kids to have fun. I can do without - but my kids shouldn't have too.

So with this in mind, I tried to create a fun week end for the kids. I invited my wife's 15 year old cousin [ you know so it's not just the kids playing ]. I rented a movie, planned a barbeque for Saturday. I planned on waking up very early on Saturday to mow the lawn, clean up and get the pool cleaned - and ofcourse prepare the grill. i wanted to do it all - so my wife could also just enjoy the day.

So What happened...

Well, after my wife picked up her cousin - everything did not go as planned. No one watched the movie - to busy ... ended up watching my regular Friday night shows that I was willing to give up on [ lucky me ]. Then we went to bed - or so i thought...

Apparently my daughter and my wife’s cousin decided to stay up till two in the morning watching TV - and they also decided to sleep in the living room where the big TV is at. Ofcourse I'm a light sleeper so I heard them as they sneaked around trying to be discreet about their plans.

Saturday came and I did what i planned, lawn, pool cleaned, barbeque grill ready - and guess what... they just wanted to play board games and hang out. All that work and nothing came out the way I wanted it - except that they all had fun... So I wont

girls sleeping

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