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Swimming Pool - Blessing or sent from Hell !

Swimming Pool - My private curse

My kids love animals or should i say - learning about animals. they both like to read books and watch programs about animals. There was a time there for a while that all we ever saw on TV was the show "Animal Kingdom" and the show with Steve Erwin - "the crocodile hunter" - crikie.....

The problem is, for as much as they love learning about animals - they are not fond of swimming with animals. You see with all the rain we've been having lately, the swimming pool has become a haven for frogs looking to reproduce. So even though the swimming pool is fun for the kids - it has become a living hell for me...

swimmingIf it rains too much the frogs try to take over the pool with their offspring [ tadpoles ] and if it doesn't - the bugs [ like mosquitoes ] try to use it as a breeding ground. So if I don't want my kids to get sick - I have to follow a ritual:

1- check the pool in the morning to see if clean, pumps working and enough chlorine tabs.
2- check and clean filter and skim off any leaves.
3- weekly or if it rains - put chemicals to kill germs and mold.
swimming pool4- use chemicals to reduce effects of other germ killing germs [ so I don't kill kids ].
5- check steps and pool and all done in the sun.
[ ** Did I mentioned the fact that I hate being out in the Sun .... ]

I'm a Slave to a large bucket of Water
AAAAA! My swimming Pool....

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