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What Did I just Say ? Had a brain fart .......

I can’t believe what I just said - I think I had a brain fart.

“Go watch TV or I’m going to hit you!”
Did I just say that? I can’t believe this. I know I said this because I wanted my son to watch some educational television and yes I was in the middle of something and found it easy to just send him to watch TV. But it hit me after I said it - I was going to hit him if he “didn’t watch TV“ ??? Boy does that sound wrong in so many levels. I hear people talk like if the television is a baby sitter and how others believe TV is bad for kids [ too much tv that is ]. But in this case - I just wanted him to take time to learn. I have always made it a habit to have him watch educational television in the morning because
#1 - I want him to learn and
#2 - after a certain time there is nothing very educational after 12 noon.

So I got a bit frustrated because he’s been watching “junk” tv with his sister and I wanted to make sure he got in the educational stuff like sesame street, Dora, Diego, Arthur, between the lion and several other programs I believe are very good for developing minds. haloAfter all, he is becoming such a junkie to Halo he cries when I don’t let him play halo - he says “ Dad, my friends are waiting for me. They need me...” of course he means the army men that follow you on the game.

I still sit with him to watch tv but during the afternoon it's more dumb tv as I call it. And the difficulty is that Kiki is 11 years old and he is only 4 years old. It’s great that because of her interest in learning he watches things like “how it’s made” a show that teaches you how things work, made and more. But she also opens the door for him to watch junk like Sponge Bob and even though George Lopez is not a bad show - it doesn’t develop a small mind.......

But I still found it strange threatening my son with “corporal punishment” if he didn’t go watch Sesame street - but I said .. TV. . . . . .

That boy is so silly- his dance craze !!
Wait for it - had to sneak up on him..

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