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What so Excited me about Cypress Garden !

Exciting or Not - what you say?

Apparently it doesn’t take much now a days to excite me. We went to Cypress garden [ Florida oldest Theme park attraction ] . It’s a changed place - Cypress Garden - if you haven’t heard - now has a large water section [ water park ] with a lazy river, a large water park section with slides for kids and a wave pool. I think it’s great. Not to mention it has a bit for everyone - rides [ roller coasters I will never get on - no fool here - yes I’m scared ] and a Botanical garden - Cypress garden in my opinion - is the bomb!

But you will never guess what was the most exciting part of the trip - the new improved electronic lockers.

Yep, they have these cool electronic lockers there - no more key , they place this wristband on your arm and you go to the color section that matches your band and scan the band - and poof! A locker is automatically picked for you and opens all on it’s own. Can you believe it - no really, can you believe I was so impressed by a locker ????

I took some great pictures and videos of the animal section and will post the here soon. I got the annual pass to Cypress garden - so I’ll have more time to enjoy those lockers...... LOL.

cypress garden
cypress garden

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