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First day of school - kids . sad day?

dark clouds
It’s a dark day at my house, the first day of Pre-K school is this Monday and today we had to take my four year old son to his school orientation. Getting the family ready today was hectic and probably an indication that everyday from here on forward will be the same.
Personally I’m torn - I want my boy to grow up and all that - yet I want him to stay my little man. My buddy I spend my days with. My partner in fighting crime [ or more like committing crimes against my wife wishes.... ] First it was the shock of having my baby girl turn eleven and starting jr high [ here it’s called ‘middle school’ ]. Now I’m faced with my little guy starting school and it’s a bit too much to handle.

I know - your thinking I should be celebrating - wee their off to school - I get a break....

But maybe I’m just weird that way. Tell me, who really wants their kids to grow up and face the inevitable that they will leave you and worst - that your growing old.
First it’s the first day of school, then they want a phone, a car to be independent and then, then their gone....

Maybe it’s just me, maybe not. But I need to treasure my children while they're children. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a Dad growing up - maybe I’m too sentimental - or maybe I’m afraid that I’m growing old.. Anyone have a mirror - scratch that.....

Excited but scared


Going to Class room - nice school


Security that works... I like... Getting Hair cut - have to be cute for school ...child

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