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Goodness what is that smell?

? ? ? Honey what’s that Smell?

So here we are watching TV and the kids are doing what they always do [ argue about something trivial ] and this weird smell hits me. It just seemed to fill the air. I didn’t notice it before so I was a bit confused - ofcourse at first I thought someone let one rip [ you know, silent but deadly ]. funny dog picture

After much debate [ it was daddy, no mommy, no Isaac, oh that smell...] we soon realized it was coming from that small little creature called general. Our visitor was starting to smell, it’s normal after all he is a dog [ literally ].

So the time came for my wife to give her first "doggy bath". Hey that’s what you have to do if you have a dog. I expected this to be a disaster, a real nightmare - but it turned out to be a mild inconvenience.. The dog was no trouble at all, my wife on the other hand was acting like the dog was a new born baby and she was a first time mother. Can I do this, will this hurt him, is it the right soap... On and on.... it’s a dog for goodness sake.

The surprising thing is that my wife said she found out later from the owner that “she [owner] was surprised the dog let us wash him.. I guess the dog knows better than to mess with me. lol... So as proof to you miss June, here is a video clip of generals bath - enjoy.

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