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My children and general equal INSANITY

funny kidsOh look out generals back!!

Well, guess whose back? Yep that little dog with the big name "general".
General is cool but he just has a weird effect on my family. My wife treats him like a baby, probably gives him more attention than me.
My daughter - she treats him like a china doll - afraid that everything will hurt the dog. look out here, look out with the dog... no he'll get hurt... leave the dog alone Isaac..
My son is the funniest of them all - this kid of mine spends most of his time calling general to him only to run in fear when general comes near him. It only gets worst in the morning when my wife lets the dog loose, my son does not want an excited pup jumping on him at six thirty in the morning - lord help me.

Don't let these pictures fool you - it takes all the nerve my son can muster just to be this close without getting hysterical...
Well, general is going to be here for a while [ helping out a friend ] so I better get use to the insanity.

Look at me...
cute kids and dog
cute dog

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