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A true lesson in humility

A lesson in Humility from a King.

I am sure we've all done it, I know I have. You sit there upset because you know you deserve better. In fact you expect better - after all - your special. My kids do it all the time - they act like things are a given - they forget and I occasionally have to remind them that my love for them does not make them deserving of everything. You still have to work for things and you can't get everything you want.
eddie murphyBut I ran across this news video [ posted below - excuse the ad ] - it reports on this African King who is in New York and he drives a bus. Unlike the Eddie Murphy movie "coming to America" he isn't rich - but he is humble. He doesn't want people to know that he is a King. In fact he is here working hard to help 20,000 people that live in his tiny kingdom village - he's trying to build a well for drinking water. Which surprised me. You see, my first thought was - hey a bus driver who learns he's a king - boy he has it made now.. I was wrong, I was selfish in my thinking.
All this guy wants to do is live his life and drive his bus so he can help his people. While most of us would have run back to our country and demanded that we as king should be deserving of special privileges - he is actually doing the reverse, sacrificing himself to help them.

Something I wish many of our American politicians would do - "for the people by the people" remember that...

It's something we all Americans have forgotten - think of others before yourself, there is more to the world than just you.


Nubia said...

That is amazing! things like that always make me cry--it's so heart warming. He's a good man.

ClevelandMom said...

What an awesome story! Thanks for posting and sharing this, it really is heartwarming and makes me feel a bit better today about this crazy world.

Sue said...

How cool! I just got chills. What a wonderful story.

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