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Parenting Advice: Using Rap Song to build Self esteem ?

Parenting Advice: Build your children’s self esteem with Rap Music?

Here is a "Parenting Advice" and "Parenting tip" - It’s a bit unorthodox so hear me out.
I used a little Nelly rap song to teach my child [ daughter ] to build her self esteem.

" I am #1, 2 is not a winner and 3 no one remembers…
What does it take to be #1 - hey, hey, hey ..."

This method of “Parenting advice” may sound a bit off, but please - give me some time to completely explain my madness. I know most people hear the words “Rap music” and they think - degrading, thug, junk... So how did I teach my daughter about having good self esteem with a rap song?

Well, one day I heard this song and it was so catchy - I spent days humming the chorus and singing the chorus to myself. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Then came a conversation with my wife - she was expressing her concern over our daughters “shyness” and her fear that our daughter may have low self esteem. So an Idea was Born...

I figure if this song so easily ingrained itself into my mind, could I use it to teach my daughter self worth and raise her self esteem. After all my daughters hip ,she’s cool , groovy or what ever they use now a days...

So what I did was I started singing the chorus of “I AM NUMBER ONE” around the house, which she picked up quickly. Then I started talking to her about peer pressure and self worth, then with every conversation I brought forth a bit more - finally I told her that she is special, that like the song - she is number one, and not to let no one tell her different. Not because she is better than everyone else - but because there is no one who can be better at being her than her… It took some time but she got the idea.

I told her that Mom and Dad will always love her no matter what. We may not agree with everything she does or will do - but we will always love you [ her ]. And that she has to be able to love herself as herself - that she shouldn't try to be something or someone she is not so she can fit in.

I still remind her of it - as I wrote this I found a "you tube" video of Nelly’s “Number 1” video and when she heard it [ she was reading over my shoulder ] - she shouted - I remember this. She’s eleven years old now - and I know she is going to run into a lot of kids who do nothing but put other people down so they can feel good about themselves.

So remember Parents ; "I am number 1, no one is better at being you, than you...."
See video - Below:

NELLY "Number One"

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