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Women are stronger than Men!

I agree: Women are stronger than Men!

I was having a conversation with my wife and a female friend of hers and some how it turned into this cock fight - I don’t know how we got into the topic but before I knew it two women were telling me that “women are stronger than men“… That men could not survive without women.
Ofcourse instinctively my mind went into defense mode and I was thinking of all these witty come backs:

Men have always been stronger - just look at caveman…
If women are so strong why do you need us to open a jar…
If women are so strong, why doesn’t that teenage girl golfer ever win against the men…
If women are so strong why …and then it hit me, that empty shell I call a brain stopped and I looked at my son, looked at my wife and told my wife’s friend :
“your right, women are stronger than men. If only because no man could endure the process of natural child birth…”

They both looked at me, smiled, gloated and forgot about it and went on with what we were originally discussing. Now I can’t speak for every man - but hey, I admit it - if the human race survival depended on me [ a man ] giving birth to children - say goodbye to the human race.
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Anonymous said...

dude dude dude, I'm right there with you budy. I can't STAND people who think like that.

Look at this convo I had with my ex along those same lines:

Rachael: Women are better equiped to hunt.
Me: (supporting her ideas like I always do) That may be true, women have a higher tolerance for pain.
Rachael: so do you know why men go to war and women stay home?
Me: Why?
Rachael: Because it only takes one man to impregnate many females, but a female can only be pregnant once at a time. Women are more valuable than men.
Me: The reason why men protect the women is because there is nothing more defenseless than a pregnant female.
Rachael: Way to take something positive I was saying about women and making it sexist.

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Cloudsters said...

Hey, amusing illustrated strip. I'm always impressed about the multi-media nature of your posts, with comic visuals, or video, or some such. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

i am a bodybuilder and strong man been lifting for 8 years. my friend she has been training for 1 year and she challenged me to a pushup competition, i managed 44 where as she did 62 despite the fact my muscles are 3 times the size of hers. this means that women are proportionately stronger

Ashley said...

Im a girl and I believe that based on physical strength yes men can be stronger, but emotionally, mentally, and physcially no....because we can multitask like no-one's business, are bodies are built to handle the most extreme form of pain (delivering a baby)and we can keep the family strong and together when everything around us is husbands and fathers being deployed we do not have time to sit around and be depressed,sad,worried,angry about it we have to keep it hidden and take care of everyone(kids,family) else around us(while we're dying/breaking inside from the pain), we have to keep the house running as smoothly as possible without any doubt that our love one's will return, and if they dont and we get the news we cant just breakdown and give up we have to keep going for the sake of our children and other family members and cry when no-one is around(children)because it will only make it worse....So in that aspect yes.....
But my father said when he is in a firefight he would rather have a woman by his side fighting because a woman will fight her "ass" off until the very end because over their woman who are captured are used as a sex slaves and are raped

as for the caveman comment: women developed agriculture and during that time women not only cleaned the house but farmed and bearing and rearing children...when bearing children still had to farm and gather food and when that baby came the next day the mother had that baby with her while she still did everything else

Anonymous said...

My wife and I started wrestling one night, she was saying that she was stronger and I told her that she will be sorry she started this, when I win I will put you bare assed over my knee for a spanking. I was winning initially but her endurance out lasted mine and when all was said and done she beat me. As I stood dizzy and exhausted she sat on the couch pulled me to her and pulled down my gym shorts then asked, what was that you said you were going to do to me before we started? With that she turned me over her knee and proceeded to give me my first spanking from her, many more have followed since that fateful night.


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