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Making Politics simple for Elleven year old ??

How do you make politics simple enough for an eleven year old to understand - turn the TV off!

politics, vice presidential debateReally, it’s hard enough explaining life and the every day things to your kids - why would a teacher give my child an extra credit assignment that requires her to stay up late past her bed time to watch something she has no knowledge or concept of?

I was going to watch the Vice Presidential debate anyway - but it’s hard to really listen to the debate when your eleven year old child who wants to do good in school is asking you “what does that mean?” “why did they say that?”. How can I hear the issues when I’m busy explaining to my child why Biden said he opposes fraud from the mortgage companies, the big oil companies and how Obama will stop that [ despite that fact that Obama was taking kick backs from Freddie Mac and Fannie May when they were committing the fraud???] But hey - thank you teacher for making my day a bit more interesting!

childrenOne good thing came out of last nights debate as I watched it with my daughter - My daughter understood and felt more comfortable with Sarah Palin than she did with stuffy Biden who was talking above the people [ the voters ] trying to impress the news media and the big wigs in congress as he consistently bashed McCain.

Let me point one thing out - Obama and Biden are for change - yet they continue to act the same... meaning business as usual... where is the change?... He avoided several questions [ so did Palin ] but his course was not to avoid the question because he didn’t know the answer - but rather he wanted to take the time to bash McCain, according to Biden everything is Bush and McCains fualt like if congress had no say in anything?.... Even my little girl got that much.

In the end my daughter fell asleep when it came to the foreign policies as I expected - but in the morning as we finished her extra credit report she said this - I like Sarah Palin, she was better at communicating to me, she was relaxed and friendly. Well McCain and Palin have one vote in me and an eleven year olds approval.

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