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How do you know your old?

How do you know your old? that is a good question.

Well here are two tips:

One - if you have to take time to count the candles - your old....

two - when the room fills with smoke after you blow out the candles, boy you are old!

Having Thanksgiving early ??? a week early...

What do you do when all the family shows up at your house two weeks before thanksgiving?

You have thanksgiving early - really - really early.

We had the family from New York come down for two weeks - so we had thanksgiving dinner before they went back to NY. Talk about hecktic - I guess the one good thing is that we may have saved some money on shaopping - supermarkets always hike up the prices before the holidays. We also avoided the mad rush at the stores... but boy, having that many people at your house - way to much work. If I counted right, there were about tweenty people at the house more if I missed some of the kids....

Here take a look: see video

The Fear and Joy of being a Dad ?

I've been working on teaching my four year old son how to ride his bike with out the training wheels. Ofcourse his Mom didn't help by putting the training wheels back on the bike - talk about a giant step backwards. This last week I had some time to spend with him and I went thru the process of teaching him from scratch - again.....

After I built up his confidence - in that I wouldn't let him fall - I had one single thought in my mind... God I hope he doesn't crash or hit the ground hard ????

I couldn't help but picture him going down in a blaze of glory - blaming me for not stopping him from falling... Maybe it had to do with the fact that I made the same promise to my duaghter a few years back and I couldn't keep it.. She didn't trust me for a while when it came to the bike...

Or maybe it was becuase I was holding a video camera - and hey, it would make a good you tube video... if he falls that is [ people love to see others suffer - sick world..] But all in all he did a great job, he took to ridding like a fish in water, now he just needs to learn how to make turns.....

I need my Gun America !

Ever wonder why Americans need thier Guns?

I believe in the constitution - and it's provision that says we have a right to bare arms. people say - ban guns and you can cut down crime.... let me ask you something?

Drugs are illigal and a banned substance - does that stop the criminals?
Driving drunk is illigal and banned - does that stop the drunks?
Criminals do not go to legal places to buy weapons... they go to other criminals or they find other means to get illigal weapons. Do you think stopping law abiding citizins from getting a gun [ for hunting or protect] will some how stop criminals from getting guns.

How many people you know carry automatic weapons - only criminals... do you think they bought it at walmart??????? And the normal people who have guns like automactic machine guns got them thru less than legal means... so how does keeping the average legal American from being able to excersize his/her right to bear arms going to stop crime????
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