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Kids - show and tell

Show and tell
One of the favorite things my son likes to do in school is - participate in "show and tell". Sometimes I think he spends the whole week thinking about what he will bring to school on friday for show and tell.

One night he was searching around and under the couch [ don't ask cuase I don't know ] and he told me he found the perfect show and tell item.... what you ask? Well, a green slimy frog. That's right a frog. Some how a frog sneaked into my house and under my couch and my curiouse son found him [ bad for the frog ].
The funny thing about it was what I did not get to catch on video - it was halariouse watching him trying to pick the frog up and hold it while the slimmy little thing kept jumping up into the air.

I don't know why, but first it was a mouse running around my house, I have this small dog visiting and now, I have a frog.... is this some kind of Biblical plegue????

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Anonymous said...

Is there a second part of this video "What happen to the frog" or "The frog found a friend" and you know there is 9 more plegue in the Bible:


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