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Wild Party - Hispanic Christmas Eve

Maybe it was the eggnog, or just the atmosphere of the people around us - but when people celebrate Christmas - hey no one gets down with the spirit like the Hispanic people at this party did. Forget the utile log and caroling - Just take a look at the video below - talk about a wild time at the old Christmas party.... how do you like the dance moves.....
Wild Hispanic Christmas Eve Party

The christmas party was fun, the dancing was not so bad and there were no alcohol drinking around - too bad I didn't get the competitive bingo contest - watching grown women all excited about playing bingo so they can win some exciting Christmas prizes was the best part of the whole night! Happy Merry Christmas.... Hope your party was as good as this one.

I have to get some more pictures out of the camera - that Christmas party and this years holidays festivities gave me alot of stuff to process and maybe some good stuff for the blog.

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