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Girls: girls and what they do ?

Girls and what they do?
Ok, so maybe it was wrong to read the diary entry my daughter left lying around the house. But How can you blame me, it was a single sheet of paper sitting in a pile of other paper work on my desk in my bedroom. Not hers, mine.

So, I read it. And let me tell you I was confused and upset. I’m a Dad and one who is protective of his children. So reading this gave me only two scary thoughts -
one: my daughter is growing up
two: Never again

girls girlsLet me tell you what the diary entry was about in summary:
My wife convinced me to let my daughter to go with her friends to the movies at the mall and that they would be with supervision - her friends dad. So I reluctantly said yes. So in her loose page entry she writes how nice it was to go to the movies, that she bought pop corn and how her friends dad allowed them to go into the movies alone as he waited [ 2 hours ] in the food court.
[* not what I wanted - ]
That after the movie this same dad allowed them to wander the mall unsupervised as they bought jewelry, food and tried on clothing in all the different stores.

Here is what I don’t like : last timed I checked "supervised" - atleast to me - means a present adult. Not one who is on the other side of the mall waiting for you to come back from your escapades.
Another thing is, that she’s growing up. I realized that the fact that she wrote about the experience of having some independence and walking free in the mall was more exciting and thrilling than even mentioning which movie she went to see in her notes.

I don’t think I’m clingy or can’t see she’s growing up - I just want to protect her. And yes, I tell her all the time "she’s only elleven years old". Trust me I want her to grow up, I just want her to enjoy being a kid for as long as she can. Growing up will come naturally - you can only be a kid once and then you spend the rest of your life wishing you were young again.... I do....

1 comment:

Maddy said...

i do understand my girl is 14 and i still dont let her go anywhere with out a parent or another adult.
am old fashion too.

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