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Grandma got slapped by Verizon Broadband access internet service

You want "Wireless Internet" ?
Thinking of getting Verizonwireless Broadband service for your wireless internet use?
Well - first consider this - how much do you want to spend and how much do you use the internet on the go. If your thinking of getting rid of your home DSL service - don't - that is if you watch alot of online videos and search a large amount of sites or play online games.
Verizon has not yet gone unlimited on it's braodband wireless internet service. They only give you two options - 1] $39.99 for 50 megabytes [ which people always go over ] and 2] $59.99 for 5 gygabytes of use - which is a lot but not unlimited.

I tell people that they should always go for the higher 5 gb $59.99 package and wait a month. See what your actual use is and then if you go no where near the 50 MB then drop the package down to the $39.99 rate.
verizon wireless broadband accessBut never give up your home DSL online service if you like visiting game sites and downloading music and things like that. You can easily go over your alotted 5 GB allowance on your wireless access braodband if you like to watch TV online or videos or play games. People forget that your being charge per the byte - and videos and files of the like use large amounts of data [ bytes ] and 5 GB is not unlimited.
Don't be fooled - If you like to travel and want to stay connected and just want to visit sites while stuck in traffic as your better half complians about slow traffic - fine. If your retired and go away for three month or so in your Rv traveling around america an occasionally hit the internet - fine. But if you plan to disconnect your home DSL and want to continue watching videos or TV programs [ like myself I watch every new episode of Naruto - a japanese cartoon that comes out new every week ] your going to be paying a lot in overage.....
I had a nice lady come into my store once and she got the verizon Access wireless broadband service - the $39.99 rate plan. She said she didn't use the internet that much and just wanted to check her email when she was traveling - she came back a month later frantic - She was complianing that she hasn't used her laptop in two weeks becuase she had already reached the 48 of her 50 megabyte allowance and wanted to know what she could do to aviod any overages. I told her "you can only move up to the $59.99 plan"... That's all you can do - unless you don't need to use your laptop and want to wait until your cycle is up and your account is reset to zero on your megabyte use?

Here is some info on the Verizon wireless access broadband:

Ultra compact, light and easy to use, the UM175 USB Modem provides high–speed access on our 1x/EV–DO network via VZ Access Manager™. It is compatible with devices that support a Type A USB port and comes equipped with a swivel USB connector, a high–performance internal antenna and an extension Y cable for a power boost, increased RF performance and for solving space clearance issues. Features
BroadbandAccess and NationalAccess Compatible
Rev. A Capable: Typical download speeds
of 600–1400 kbps and upload speeds of 500–800 kbps
Compatible with all devices supporting the Type A USB interface including desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs and PDAs
(see System Requirements)
VPN Client Compatible
VZAccess Manager™ software for easy connection management
Intuitive user interface
High performance intenna
2–color service state LED
External Antenna Connector (External antenna sold separately)
2–way Text Messaging capable
NDIS driver support
32 MB RAM memory
64MB flash memory

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Jazz said...

I have Verizon Broadband connection!! It is working great and best for me!!

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