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Parents - death of Imaginary friends

Parenting: The great Imagination !

There I was watching my son play in the back yard. This boy has way to much energy for me and even a greater imagination [ gets it from me ]. There he was running to and fro with his army helmet on and a drummers stick for his weapon. Pow, Pow, shoot, shot... Spitting as he pretended to be shooting a machine gun. Ofcourse he had his imaginary enemies but most of all - he had his imaginary troops.
He’d run to one side of the pool and yell go over there! Then run to another spot and scream "look out here they come!" all the while making his shooting sounds.

But what was most interesting was when he some how went to save a friend [ imaginary one ] and was shot by the bad guys [ I don’t know if it’s aliens or nazis - he just calls them bad guys ]. To my surprise he had a wonderful death scene..... Yet, when he noticed my camera the theatrics came to a complete stop. It's getting harder and harder to get this kid on film [ or digital camera ] I did however get one shot of his death scene..


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