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Bass Fishing at Walt Disney World - Cool !!!

I'm still working on planning my Dream vacation for the family at Walt Disney world. I ran across something very interesting today and I thought I would share it. Walt Disney world offers - get ready Dads - Bass Fishing experience at Walt Disney World - Mickey Mouse likes fishing .......

Get Hooked on Fantastic Fishing Excursions!
Make the most of your trip to Walt Disney World® Resort and enjoy Bass Fishing at its finest all year round. Journey out on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon, skim the shoreline of Village Lake, or make way on Crescent Lake and World Showcase Lagoon. All Resort lakes are abundantly inhabited with largemouth bass, providing an exceptional catch and release experience for world-class anglers and first-time fisherman alike.

All Walt Disney World® Resort Guided Fishing Excursions* include:

bass fishing walt disney* An experienced guide
* Rod and reel
* Tackle
* Artificial and live bait
* Beverages
* Digital souvenir photo of your outing
* One year B.A.S.S. membership
* Call (407) WDW-FISH (939-3474)† to make your reservations today!

** This is a catch and release program. Fishing excursions may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

I have to say - ever since we took our camping vacation, my son has been interested in fishing - or atleast playing with fish. All my friends like fishing and I've wanted to get involved but not at the ocean. This Walt Disney Bass Fishing experience just might be the thing for me to get started.

Tough Love vs. Spanking - Good Argument

I would like to thank Maria Mathy for the email she sent - made me luagh out load - oh I mean ...LOL

Tough Love vs. Spanking - Good Argument

Most people think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of 'those moments.'

One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk.

Some say it's the vibration from the car, others say it's the time away from any distractions such as TV, Video Games, Computer, IPod, etc.

Either way, my kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together. Eye to eye contact helps a lot too.

I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique.


funny children pictures

This works with
nieces and nephews as well.

Our pet and possible Divorce - puppy hater !!!

Our pet and possible Divorce - puppy hater !!!

It’s been what two weeks since a new unannounced addition has been added to the house hold. No - not a baby but worse, a cute lovable puppy. Now I love pets, especially Dogs - I just don’t think we should have one.

My family tries to convince me that I love the dog and want him around. They forget that just because I don’t eat the dog - excuse me - kill the dog [ I mean mistreat it ] that it means I want the dog in my house.

Look - people like should not have pets - we’ve tried and it has always ended up bad - especially for the pet.

I remember the cat - who spent most of it’s time locked in the porch - give him up to the pound.

What about the nice bird - well, it was left outside and a raccoon attacked and eat it. { No it was not my doing - blame the wife ]....

Oh, and dear old general - nice dog but he was a loner. Just watching him for some friends…. It was sad for the family to see him go....

Now this, a cute little thing that breaks anyone’s heart…especially mine when he pee’s my tile floors, bites my ankles, and poops in places he shouldn’t. but I’m going to let you judge - I want to express my opinion - in video form… You tell me if I make sense, ok…
Please see video and give me some comments.
Really - I want comments. Or I just might kick the dog out today.....

How kids can make money

How kids can make money - and SAVE the Earth !

They might as well do something since their always asking for more new shiny expensive things. Hey - maybe I can get my kids to raise the funds I need to create that magical dream Walt Disney vacation ? Doubt it....

But if your looking for a way to help push your kid off the couch away from the video games and be more productive than just playing outside - why not push [ I mean ] teach your kids - "How kids can make Money"!

There’s lots of ways a kid could raise money - and hopefully it's not only just from asking Mom and dad - try working, get a job - move out already... excuse me....

In my last post i wrote about how you could get cash or plant a tree for that old cell phone [ or several cell phones ] you have in your junk draw. But Then I was told by a much smarter individual than myself - that maybe you could have your kids collect the old cell phones and send them in for cash. TaDaH! The Idea hit me 'How kids can make money" oh, and save the earth. It's a pretty good idea - that is if you can motivate your kid or kids to go out and do it. after all - they can collect cell phones [ oh, and old MP3 players - they make the most bucks when recycled ].

I guess you can motivate the kids by teaching them that the earth is precious and we have to recycle - or money could be a greater motivator. Cash, green backs - hey kids - want to learn how kids can make money .... hint , hint .... get up off the couch boy and do some work!

There are several websites you can go to to recycle electronics : I only mentioned "FlipSwap" in my Go green Blog post.

But you want to make sure that you:
one - take it slow - you don't want to collect garbage.
two - give your kid a sense of purpose and control. * you want them to have a system not just collect a bunch of old ipods and cell phones and let mom and dad do all the work.
three - give them a space to work in the garage. make it a real business, makes kids feel important.
four - understand you have to put in some work, but let 80% of the work be done by the child.

how kids can make moneyI can't take credit - these tips all came from my friend who owns a business but has no kids.... maybe that's why he has such great ideas - no kids.... just kidding.

"How kids can make money" - hope you like the idea - I'm going to try it out this summer, maybe my duaghter can make enough to reimburst me for the plane tickets I bought for her to visit grandma and grandad in new York....

Go GREEN or Trade old Cellphone for CASH !

Go green or get cash for old Cell phone
I really enjoyed camping this year - as those of you who have read my blog post about my camping vacation. Maybe it's because I enjoyed camping so much that I want to help preserve nature and all it's beauty - or because so many people ask me "can I trade my cell phone for cash?"
In either case - I learned about and opportunity for you and I to help the planet and make a little green while we're at it. After all - I know people who have 5 or 6 old cell phones just lying around the house. It's nice that they want to do something better than chuck them in a garbage landfill - but it would be better if you got cash for your old cell phone or if you like - donate to charity or plant a tree. yep - this company even offers to plant a tree for any cell phone you donate. Going Green can make you green [ with cash or a tree .....LOL ]

Here is a break Down of what one company offers:

Why FlipSwap?
Flipswap is the best way to turn your old cell phone into a new one, get cash, or make a donation to your favorite charity.

With hundreds of thousands of people already using the service we’ve had a lot of practice to get it right. Below are just a few of the reasons that people love Flipswap.

Flipswap is Free
Whether you’re a cell phone retailer with thousands of phones to trade-in or you just have one rattling around your junk drawer that you’d like to get rid of- it’s absolutely free. We don’t charge for shipping, handling or any service fees, but please take the extra step of paying the post office to track or insure your package. We cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. If you have a cell phone, you can trade it in absolutely free. We’re not crazy- we’re just really nice.

Flipswap is Fast
You can trade in your phone immediately. In seconds you’ll have a list of locations in your area where you can receive instant store credit. Flipswap trained cell phone experts will help you determine the value of your phone and issue your store credit on the spot. Have your eye on a new phone? Go out and get it today with Flipswap.

Flipswap is Green
cellphone for cashFlipswap is concerned about the millions of unused cell phones that end up in our landfills each year. Rest assured that a flipswapped phone won’t be thrown out. Every working phone that Flipswap receives will be given a new home. We understand that ‘reuse’ is an important part of global sustainability. We work with the most environmentally conscience ewaste recyclers on earth. If a phone has reached the end of its useful life it will be broken down into component materials and painstakingly recycled using the greenest methods available today. When you trade-in a phone with Flipswap you don’t have to worry where it will end up. We handle it all so you can enjoy everything that is green.

Flipswap is Fair
Our engineers have designed a complicated algorithm that allows us to offer you a real time trade-in value for any phone. Not only is our price guide the best in the business, it’s the only one in the business. We give you what you deserve. The highest trade-in value for your phone and the peace of mind that can only come from working with the best.

Trade cellphone for cash

Walt Disney Free DVD and special dates

I know what your thinking - I had such a wonderful time during my Camping vacation I totally have given up on my dream vacation at Walt Disney World... Nope - just still having troulb getting it right. I've heard about the pay for three get 4 days package - but when I check on the dates i need - Black out [ meaning not available}.

walt DisneyIt's getting to the point that I think they have it in for me - I will get my dream vacation to DISNEY !
I know, I've been to Disney, but on a day trip. iwant to stay at a 5 star hotel near the park - go and have a fun time. In the past i was just racing to get to all the rides and events so I could get my monies worth. i just want to enjoy the mouse and his house [ Walt Disney ].

Why Do I want to stay at Disney ???

As a guest at select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels you enjoy these benefits:

Complimentary transportation to and from Orlando International Airport and your Disney Resort hotel for your family and your luggage on Disney's Magical Express

Extended Theme Park Hours – Each day, one of the Theme Parks opens early or stays open late so you have more time to enjoy select attractions with the Extra Magic Hours benefit. Valid Theme Park ticket and Resort I.D. required.

Complimentary Guest Transportation – Sit back and relax as we transport you throughout the Walt Disney World Resort

Save up to 30% on dining when you purchase the Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining

FREE Dining For Your Family!
Disney Dining Plan included FREE when you purchase this 5-night/6-day vacation package. As low as $58 a day per person based on a family of four in a standard room at a select Disney Value Resort for stays most nights Aug 16 — Oct 3, 2009.

FREE Disney planning vacation DVD

Contents of DVD:
* Complete tour of the four Theme Parks, two Water Parks and over 23 Resort Hotels of the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida
* Tour of the Disneyland® Resort in California
* Affordable ways to play and stay during your Disney vacation
*Find out about new shows and attractions.
*Plus much more, including pocket-sized planning guides, planning tips, and information on special events

Camping: cute Turtle pee ?????

Camping: hope he pee’s your hand

I loved my camping vacation. It was the best - and one of the reasons it was so great - was because I didn’t have to worry about a poor pet I left behind. My wife and kids are always trying to find ways to convince me of getting a pet . Be it a dog, a cat, this time it was a small turtle.

vacation Ofcourse I told them it was wrong to remove the poor little thing from his natural habitat [ if he was a he - I didn’t check ??]. I also mentioned the fact that we just can’t take him home - he is wild [ like if he was going to bite someone ]. But really - you go camping to see the wild not to bring home the wild [ you leave that for the bedroom .. uhm, ur excuse me....]

My point is, that though he may have been cute and all that to my family - he belongs there at the campsite. It’s where he lives - where he should stay. Ofcourse that didn’t stop my wife from carrying on how we can go to the pet store and get one for home. Like if I want to worry about one more living thing in my home.... Aren’t the kids enough.

Don’t tell my wife, but secretly I was hoping that cute little turtle would tinkle on her hand. See how cute see would think that would be…..LOL

Pee on Her I said - Pee!!
vacation not magic kingdom
Cute tiny turtle

Dream Vacation

Funny - new meaning to "rear ended" .....


After camping, I had a new appreciation for wild life. I love camping, nature and the wild. My wife said I got a bit "animalistic" while we were camping. hey - the wild brings out the animal in me. But when I received the above photo in my email box - it gave a whole new meaning to the words " rear ended ".... Yikes!

Camping: Rain was the best Part for Boys ...???

When I tell people I go camping - they initially seem genuially interested. But when i mention that i go camping in a "tent", they tend to freak out. It's like - Oh my God, your in the woods and all you have is this thin layer of canopy between you and all of the wild????

florida campingI hear all these horror stories about how bad camping is - and mostly it's ussually about "how it rain while they were camping"... I think that rain is just part of the camping experience. For me - it's just one more piece of the fun factor. And I think the boys who were with us on this trip - enjoyed the rain more than I did. i mean lituraly enjoyed it. The rain wasn't going to stop them from having fun - in fact - the rain was the purpose behind all thier fun.

Ok - it wasn't what i had in mind when I told them go have fun in the rain - but hey they had fun. They decided that they would have a mudwrestling match. Oh it was the funniest thing to watch. i got a couple of video clips to show you - but i missed most of the real funny parts. I wish I had a digital camera that was water resistant.

Camping: Cheap Vacation but DANGEROUS !

Yes, Camping is the best way to go if you want a "cheap vacation" loaded with lots of fun. The experience will create long lasting memories for you and your kids. There is just so much you can do. If your like me - your memories are important to you - you want your kid to tell you: I remember when me and mom [ or dad ] did this and that and the other thing....

This camping vacation this spring break was better than last year. it's becoming an annual thing and it just keeps growing & getting better! Last year we were a group of 9, this year it was a group of 19 people [ 13 were kids ].

But with all the fun you can have camping and all the money you can save - I want to point out something, camping can be dangerous.

It's funny but you don't think about it until your faced with the realization that - hey, I'm in the wild.... You don't see the danger until it's right there in front of you. Like when on one of my morning walks alone - I ran across a large snake on the board walk - Yes, I did run the other way like a scared little girl.

If your trying camping for the first time, remember this: your in nature [ the wild ] so expect to see nature. You know like snakes, spiders, raccoons and more. And above all things - obey the rules.

campingWhile we were there we saw a teenage girl who broke her ankle - you ask "how?" Well, even with all the "do not Dive" signs posted around the river at Kelly Park - she decided to dive in - and wouldn't you know it... right onto a large boulder.....

One of the campground keepers told me that last year an apparent family renting a camping site feed a Bear for a whole week by hand. So after they left this bear kept coming back to the same camping site looking for free food. It was getting to the point where the bear had to be put to sleep [ killed ... ] because it was charging at people. The park just couldn't take the chance that this bear would not attack an innocent child while it was looking for food.

Camping is fun - just have fun and be safe guys...

florida camping


Camping: Best Place in Florida " Kelly Park"

Ok, so camping is the best choice for a "Cheap Vacation" with the family. You can do so much and create so many fond memories with the kids. But where is the best place to go camping in Florida to have your fun filled "cheap vacation"?

Thru our research [ meaning my wife's research ] - we've settled with "Kelly Park" in Apopka Florida.

best florida campingIt's the second time I've been camping at "Kelly Park" during our kids spring break vacation time from school. This time we are a group of 19 people going camping and 13 of this group are children under 15 years of age - God save me. Six adults and 13 kids - there are 3 separate lots side by side but of course we grouped all the tents side by side so we were close together. Hope my morning breath didn't bother any one?

We spent 9 whole days together at "Kelly Park" camping site. I've been camping before when I was a teenager [ 1 or 2 days in New Jersey ] but Kelly park is more of a real "camping Experience". What I mean is that you have the comfort of showers and bathrooms [ I am not doing #2 in the woods ] but you get the real nature experience as well - just ask me about the raccoons & snakes I ran into.

Kelly park - in my opinion is a great spot to go camping - you have a clear clean river, beach like sandy area and the experience of really being in nature. You just have to aviod the mosquitos.....

Kelly Park
Hours of Operation:

Summer: 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.;Winter: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.; Monday - Sunday
Phone Number: (407) 889-4179
Mailing Address:

Kelly Park 400 E Kelly Park RDApopka 32712
Acreage: 245
Located on Kelly Park Rd., one-quarter mile east of County Rd. 435.
Additional Points of Interest:
Features a free-flowing natural spring, full-service concession, camping, picnic pavilions, and playground.

***Important Note, Due to the popularity of Kelly Park, it is normal to service a high volume of visitors during the summer months and on holidays. Frequently, the park is filled to capacity by mid-morning and unfortunately guests must be turned away at the entry. Once the park is closed, there can be no admittance even if a member of your party is waiting within the park. Kelly Park may reopen later in the day if capacity allows. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please appreciate that any Park closure is meant to insure a safe and pleasant experience for our guests.

For Additional Information:
Camping, Rentals, Directions, and Park Map

Camping: cheap Vacation but lots of work !

Central Florida Camping: cheap Vacation but lots of fun work !

I think camping is the best kind of vacation with kids you can have when you. For several reasons - a camping vacation is generally cheap… at least when compared to other kinds of vacation trips. I have a friend who said she spent $800 dollars on a two day vacation trip to Walt Disney world [ and that didn’t account for the cost of the hotel ].

kids love campingBut the best reason I have for a “Camping Vacation” is that there is so much for children to do, experience, room to play and explore. You also have time [ the parent ] to spend with your kids [ and the honey too… love you babe…]

Ofcourse it helps that comparing my cost - about $400 dollars spent on this 9 day vacation - is a lot cheaper than a $800 dollar 2 day vacation [ I don’t care how much I love Mickey ] . Yes, I am still planning my dream 5 day Walt Disney World vacation - 5 star hotel and all that - I’m just saying, you just cant beat all the pluses you have with a nice long cheap “camping vacation”.

But like everything it has it’s bad side to the equation: for instance you can go over board on spending. Camping is about enjoying the outdoors and spending time with the family - not about buying a air generator cause your to lazy to blow up an inner tube by mouth [ or your small tube pump ] but hey to each is own.

But there are three things you should expect when you go camping:

1- Expect your kids to be emotional… They will either be excited or bummed out [ bummed if they are to accustomed to technology ] But in the end, if they are kids who like to explore, ride bike, swim, run wild they will have fun and end the vacation excited and happy. Plus Tired….

2- Expect to be involved: the fun you & your children have is based on your interaction with them. That what is best about a camping vacation - spending time with the family. Taking them on walks, talking, playing football, taking walks in the dark, telling stories by the camp fire and laughing as you burn the marsh mellow….

3- Above all things expect to work: work setting up your campsite, work with cooking, planning activities, playing is also considered work because you tire yourself out. Even going to the bathroom is work cause you have to walk 200 feet to get there. But in the end you work to pack up your campsite and find that the work - was worth it.

Central Florida Vacation - Kelly Park
Vacation with Kids - can be dangerouse

central Florida camping

Thats right - Tents - real camping !

cheap camping vacation

Just Had to get a NEW GRILL!

camping new grill

Way to much - Mrs Ali overwhelmed ...LOL

camping gear
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