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Camping: Best Place in Florida " Kelly Park"

Ok, so camping is the best choice for a "Cheap Vacation" with the family. You can do so much and create so many fond memories with the kids. But where is the best place to go camping in Florida to have your fun filled "cheap vacation"?

Thru our research [ meaning my wife's research ] - we've settled with "Kelly Park" in Apopka Florida.

best florida campingIt's the second time I've been camping at "Kelly Park" during our kids spring break vacation time from school. This time we are a group of 19 people going camping and 13 of this group are children under 15 years of age - God save me. Six adults and 13 kids - there are 3 separate lots side by side but of course we grouped all the tents side by side so we were close together. Hope my morning breath didn't bother any one?

We spent 9 whole days together at "Kelly Park" camping site. I've been camping before when I was a teenager [ 1 or 2 days in New Jersey ] but Kelly park is more of a real "camping Experience". What I mean is that you have the comfort of showers and bathrooms [ I am not doing #2 in the woods ] but you get the real nature experience as well - just ask me about the raccoons & snakes I ran into.

Kelly park - in my opinion is a great spot to go camping - you have a clear clean river, beach like sandy area and the experience of really being in nature. You just have to aviod the mosquitos.....

Kelly Park
Hours of Operation:

Summer: 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.;Winter: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.; Monday - Sunday
Phone Number: (407) 889-4179
Mailing Address:

Kelly Park 400 E Kelly Park RDApopka 32712
Acreage: 245
Located on Kelly Park Rd., one-quarter mile east of County Rd. 435.
Additional Points of Interest:
Features a free-flowing natural spring, full-service concession, camping, picnic pavilions, and playground.

***Important Note, Due to the popularity of Kelly Park, it is normal to service a high volume of visitors during the summer months and on holidays. Frequently, the park is filled to capacity by mid-morning and unfortunately guests must be turned away at the entry. Once the park is closed, there can be no admittance even if a member of your party is waiting within the park. Kelly Park may reopen later in the day if capacity allows. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please appreciate that any Park closure is meant to insure a safe and pleasant experience for our guests.

For Additional Information:
Camping, Rentals, Directions, and Park Map

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