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Camping: Cheap Vacation but DANGEROUS !

Yes, Camping is the best way to go if you want a "cheap vacation" loaded with lots of fun. The experience will create long lasting memories for you and your kids. There is just so much you can do. If your like me - your memories are important to you - you want your kid to tell you: I remember when me and mom [ or dad ] did this and that and the other thing....

This camping vacation this spring break was better than last year. it's becoming an annual thing and it just keeps growing & getting better! Last year we were a group of 9, this year it was a group of 19 people [ 13 were kids ].

But with all the fun you can have camping and all the money you can save - I want to point out something, camping can be dangerous.

It's funny but you don't think about it until your faced with the realization that - hey, I'm in the wild.... You don't see the danger until it's right there in front of you. Like when on one of my morning walks alone - I ran across a large snake on the board walk - Yes, I did run the other way like a scared little girl.

If your trying camping for the first time, remember this: your in nature [ the wild ] so expect to see nature. You know like snakes, spiders, raccoons and more. And above all things - obey the rules.

campingWhile we were there we saw a teenage girl who broke her ankle - you ask "how?" Well, even with all the "do not Dive" signs posted around the river at Kelly Park - she decided to dive in - and wouldn't you know it... right onto a large boulder.....

One of the campground keepers told me that last year an apparent family renting a camping site feed a Bear for a whole week by hand. So after they left this bear kept coming back to the same camping site looking for free food. It was getting to the point where the bear had to be put to sleep [ killed ... ] because it was charging at people. The park just couldn't take the chance that this bear would not attack an innocent child while it was looking for food.

Camping is fun - just have fun and be safe guys...

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Anonymous said...

Central Florida Camping - it's great - just don't do it over the summer months if you hate extreem heat. It's better to go during the fall or cooler time in florida. Now if the heat doesn't bother you - go during the summer!

cool photos.

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