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Camping: cute Turtle pee ?????

Camping: hope he pee’s your hand

I loved my camping vacation. It was the best - and one of the reasons it was so great - was because I didn’t have to worry about a poor pet I left behind. My wife and kids are always trying to find ways to convince me of getting a pet . Be it a dog, a cat, this time it was a small turtle.

vacation Ofcourse I told them it was wrong to remove the poor little thing from his natural habitat [ if he was a he - I didn’t check ??]. I also mentioned the fact that we just can’t take him home - he is wild [ like if he was going to bite someone ]. But really - you go camping to see the wild not to bring home the wild [ you leave that for the bedroom .. uhm, ur excuse me....]

My point is, that though he may have been cute and all that to my family - he belongs there at the campsite. It’s where he lives - where he should stay. Ofcourse that didn’t stop my wife from carrying on how we can go to the pet store and get one for home. Like if I want to worry about one more living thing in my home.... Aren’t the kids enough.

Don’t tell my wife, but secretly I was hoping that cute little turtle would tinkle on her hand. See how cute see would think that would be…..LOL

Pee on Her I said - Pee!!
vacation not magic kingdom
Cute tiny turtle

Dream Vacation

1 comment:

Nubia said...

wow, that is the smallest turtle i've ever seen!!!!

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