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Did you Know: Allergies can come and go ?

Did you Know: Allergies can come & go ?

Yesterday I proved I love my son.
By going to his doctors appointment.

My son was sent to a specialist in Sarasota Florida to have a specialist look at him. He has high level of allergies and we were sent there to find out more. To be honest I thought it was a waste of time but - I love my son - and my relationship with my wife. So I went.

allergic reactionI spent $233 dollars to find out basically - “nothing I already didn’t know”..
Though I admit I was hoping the test would say he was allergic to dogs and it would solve the “jasper” dog issue [ I don’t hate the dog - just don’t want him ].

The Doctor gave my son this very expensive test that caused him to cry and amounted to just dabbing liquid on him to see how his skin reacts [ as proof of allergic reaction ]. Well, after the crying and me trying to keep him from scratching test area - we learned that he is allergic to the things we already new about or suspected. Except for cat - I didn’t know he was allergic to cats [ darn - wish it was dog ]....

So How do I know I love my son:
* I drove almost three hours to go and three hours to come home
* I spent way to much on a stupid test that had false positives [ he eats peanuts ]
* I spent $40 dollars in gas and $40 on dinner [ went to Perkins - nice, but food to greasy ]
* And, what did I learn, how did it help my son ? - nothing....
* Oh, did I mention the torrential rain storm I drove thru - that was fun !

I did learn that Allergies can come and go at whim. I’m allergic to lobster and shrimp [ and according to studies ] that allergic reaction could one day just disappear. The bad side to this equation is: you can eat something all your life and one day wake up to find you are now allergic to it - God I hope I never get allergic to coffee… I would die without my three or four cups a day dose…….

I also learned a funny joke while at the Doctors office:

What word has the most letters in it?

Give up...

" Mail Box "

Get it, letters, mailbox [ ok I was bored, it was funny at the time ]


Sue said...

One day my brother and his family had KFC for dinner, like they've done in the past many times. He felt weird and came out of the bathroom looking like one of the Macy's Day Parade balloons. My sister-in-law took a picture of him and then called 911.

Madeline said...

u got it easy my brother my son Matthew is allergic to almost eveything and has a special diet (GFCF) is on the Autism specterm ( PDD) and we just went to a Dan Dr.( specialist - does everything naturally ) that cost $300. for the visit and $225. just for his supplements.

Nubia said...

what we do for love...allergies are such a nuisance. I dont really have any, thank goodness! BTW, your kid is so cute!

Karen MEG said...

Well it was totally worth the drive just for that JOKE ;). You are a wonderful Dad.

I never had allergies as a kid; well,except one year I couldn't eat strawberry jam. But now I can.

However, I have hay fever and seasonal and cat allergies now, ever since I became an adult. Nice.

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

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