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How to Change Friends and Family people on Verizon

People have been asking one basic question about Verizons Friends and Family service:
How do I change the people on my verizons Friends and Family list?

Well - here is a step by step guide to help you:

To join, sign up for and manage your Verizons Friends and Family:
1- Sign up and sign in to
2- Account Owner clicks "I am Eligle"
3- Account Owner clicks "Activate my friends and family"
4- click on "Set up my Friends and Family"
5- Add eligible numbers
6- changes wil take place next day

Manage Friends and Family
1- sign in to
2- Account owner clicks on "Manage"
3- To edit [ add or change ] click "Edit"
4- then click "save"
5- to view history - click "view Friends and Family"

Top Five Most asked Questions : Friends and Family:

* How many numbers can I add to my Friends & Family list?
Customers on Nationwide plans with 900 Anytime minutes or more can choose up to 5 Friends & Family numbers. Customers on Nationwide Family SharePlans with 1400 Anytime minutes or more can choose up to 10 Friends & Family numbers for the entire account.

* Can I add numbers from other wireless providers?
Yes, with Friends & Family you can choose anyone, on any network in the U.S., to call without ever using your plan minutes. And you can change who is on your Friends & Family list at anytime by signing in to My Verizon.

* When do changes to Friends & Family become effective?
Changes to your Friends & Family numbers become effective the following day. Calls to and from the numbers you remove will continue to be unlimited during the day the change was made. Calls to and from the numbers you add will not be unlimited until the following day.

* Will I be notified when there are changes to Friends & Family?
Yes, the Account Owner will receive a text message when a change that affects your Friends & Family eligibility is made.

* What type of numbers can I add to Friends & Family?
Your Friends & Family list can contain any valid U.S. number as well as any 800-type number, including 888, 866 and 877 (excluding 800-555-1212). Your Friends & Family list can not include directory assistance, 900-type numbers, your own wireless number or voice mail access number, or numbers from Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands.

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