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Sea World Resort Family Discount Vacation!

Sea World Resort Family Discount Vacation!

Still trying to create that special Dream discount vacation. My wife came up with the idea of going to "Sea World" Resort ??
She likes the idea of paying one price for admission and then you can return for free [ free admission ] to Sea world as many times as you like. So I decided to give it a look - after all - my goal is for the family to have fun and save money on a discount vacation price. If Sea world can give me that - maybe we'll go... still would prefer Walt Disney world thou.

Sea World Resort Pay one day - go all year
"Sea World Fun Card"
sea world resortThe idea is - Pay for a day, and come back all year to enjoy "Sea World". So you see all the sights and splashes of Sea World Orlando with a 2009 Sea World Fun Card.
Deal last through December 31, 2009 for only $74.95 for adults and $64.95 for children ages 3-9.

How much fun can you have at Sea World ??
Really, my question is - "how much fun can you have at Sea World?" Plus - I want to have a three or four day vacation - the price sounds great - pay once and go as much as you want - pay one day the three other days [ admission ] is FREE ...?

sea worldBut still - The last time I went to sea world I spent my time walking under the hot Florida sun [ I no like ] and only saw animal shows and animal tanks - fun for 2 hours but not for a four day vacation..... So I had to check out what was new and if it was even worth considering as a vacation spot.

Sea World Resort What does it offer:
Well - so far it sounds interesting and there are alot more activities there than I remember - plus I like one of the features on the "Sea World Resort" website - it's an interactive online map:

Sea World interactive map

There are several Extra special activities you can do and share at "Sea world Resort" - the one that catches most of my interest is the sea world "Sleep over" program.
I think it's a cool idea and something a family [ like mine would enjoy ] I'm sure there's an extra cost some where since I didn't see a price for it on the Sea World website.

Sea World Resort Sleepovers ?
After an entertaining evening at Sea World, you'll snuggle into your sleeping bag to spend the night next to some awesome animals.

Sleepovers begin at 6 p.m. and end at 9 a.m. the next day. You'll participate in fun-filled activities, visit animals and enjoy a pizza dinner. Then you'll sleep next to either manatees, dolphins, beluga whales, polar bears, penguins or coral reefs. After a continental breakfast, wrap up your adventure with an animal interaction.

All Sleepover programs include—

• Exciting and fun activities
• Sleepover at an animal habitat
• Pizza dinner
• Continental breakfast

More Special attractions at Sea World Resorts

ADVENTURE CAMPS [ only at Sea World Orlando ]

RESIDENT CAMPS [ only at Sea World Orlando ]

DAY CAMPS [ only at Sea World Orlando ]

SLEEPOVERS [ only at Sea World Orlando ]


Sea World Happy Harbor Rides
sea world mantaThe one thing I like is they have an area at Sea World called "Happy Harbor Rides" - basically it's a play area [ great for my five year old ]. It has something called the "Pirates Net" - it's filled with slides and climbing nets and activities of the sort. It makes up for the fact that I hate roller coasters and except for my eleven year old - none of the rest of the family want to ride the Manta or the Kraken or any other roller coaster.

All in all it sounds like a nice place to have an interesting vacation and you can't beat the one day price for as many days you want. The problem is the extra activities - there are no prices on the website and you have to call to register and reserve. That could be a problem with vacation if you can't get the right days. It may be something you really have to plan way ahead of time.

So all in all - Sea World Resort - may be a contender for the dream vacation. But I'm not giving up on Disney World, not by a long shot!


Thomas said...

Oh, I love the pay once go all year deal at Sea World. I live in Orlando and I got the deal just so I can go when ever I want - I love riding the rollercoasters. You should try it - it's to bad only your duaghter likes to ride them.

I live for

Nubia said...

i swam with a dolphin once in Miami at some special park. It was fun, my company paid for it. Normally i would never think of doing something like that on vacation, but its great for kids!

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