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Vacation for Children ??? family story

Vacation for Children ???

Here is a family story:
What possessed me to let my kid go on vacation. Why? Really, a vacation for children - I must be crazy!!!

vacation for childrenOr maybe it's because I miss my little girl that I now think sending her on this New York summer vacation was - is nuts. It's been only one day and my son keeps crying, asking where is his big sister. I know she'll have fun - it's what I want for her. But really - "vacation for children" man how I miss having the whole summer off. I remember reading a post by : on how New Yorks need a reality check with their kids.

I thought it was strange for NY city folks to have Wine & dine parties for toddlers - but here I am sending my kid on a summer vacation. really - how hard did she have it this school year.?

The funny thing was - when we took her to the airport we were taking pictures like if we were tourist. i mean really - we live here, why are we talking pictures of the airport I've seen over a million times.
The great thing thought is the photos my daughter sent me of the cockpit [ the plane cockpit] - I can't believe they actually let her in with all the security they've put up on planes now. SEE PHOTOS BELOW

The sad and funny thing was all the calls my little girl was getting from friends who were going to miss her. I mean one girl even broke down in tears over the phone [ imagine if she was there - would have to drag her off the tarmac ]....

Ofcourse - she also received a call from a boy - I found that interesting - no nothings slips by me.

family story vacation
family story - cockpit
family story
vacation for children 2

1 comment:

Nubia said...

hey dad, I know its hard to let your daughter go off to that scary city called NYC, but it will be a good experience! She'll get to see Times Square, visit some bars, meet cute guys, etc. She'll be FINE! hehe =)

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