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New Water Heater at Home Depot... oh God help me...

Replacing the Water Heater - funny story, don’t laugh

The water heater went out and it needed replacing. Ofcourse, I was told that all that needed to be done was replace the heating elements on the water heater… no problem, sounds easy……Not !

water heaterI bought the heating elements for the water heater - and found out it was the wrong kind.. Returned to home depot to get the right heating elements for my water heater… did it work…. No !

So finally after 5 weeks of being unable to go to home depot to by a whole water heating unit [ and suffering many a cold showers ] I finally was able to go get a brand new water heater - even 10 gallons bigger than my old one.

So you want to hear a joke?

How many trips to home depot does it take to replace one water heater?

Apparently four trips... One to by the water heater unit.
water heaterAnother to get the pipe fittings. A third to get the right pipe fittings and a fourth trip to get the pressure release pipe and fittings. Thank God it only took one time to actually take out the old unit and put in the new water heating unit.

Really, this day has been an adventure… thank God for the home depot lady that helped me… [ sorry I can’t remember your name ] But if I would have kept doing this on my own… it would have taken me 15 or so trips to home depot to replace my broken water heater. Really, they should sell a kit for dummies that brings everything in it.

Now I just have to find time to return some of these unwanted pipes and fittings that I have left over….One more trip to home depot family, lets go....

Say Good Bye to the old water heater kids..

replacing old water heater

Making money is not evil, being in debt and poor is evil..

Making Money is not evil - being poor is evil...
It’s a quote from a book I just finish reading : Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad Poor Dad.
It’s an interesting read - I know I’ve read it twice and the reason why I bring up this topic “Making Money” is because of the economy. Really - I look at my kids and I wonder … have I wasted my life. Have I been so busy in the pursuit of my own happiness that I can’t offer more for my children because I thought wanting to make more money was “evil”… or maybe because I was scared or too lazy to try?

This kind of book - how to make money or the mentality behind it really makes you think.

making money is not evilYes I know - I’m not trying to make it rich or even become rich over night. But I do have that urge to do more, make a little extra so my kids can have it easy. If anything - learn a couple of money managing or wealth building skills I could teach my kids so they don’t end up like dear old dad - a slave to a job - always wondering if this recession or hard time will destroy all my dreams [ if I have any ].

What parent doesn’t want the best for their kids and who doesn’t dream of “making money effortlessly” … I mean seriously! It’s not like it can’t be done - People today are making money sitting at home. You have people who make six figure incomes because they came up with some lame application for the iphone that millions just had to buy.

The other reason I bring up the “money and how to make it” plus the mentality behind how you think and spend your money - is because of my loving wife. We are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to money. I am more of a saver thinking of tomorrow and she is more of a “lets have fun today before we die tomorrow” kind of person. Which really makes it difficult when it comes to money and our finances.

I’m trying to get my daughter to read - Rich Dad Poor Dad
, by Robert T. Kiyosaki…
Not because I want her to be money hungry but rather I want her to think differently when it comes to money. In today’s economic crisis - millions of people are learning that having a job is not having security. We are all learning that depending on the government truly is more riskier than playing the stock market.

Wanting Better for your Kids Financially

Really is it bad to want better for your kids, financially speaking? Or maybe just the chance to change the way your kids look and think about money and how it works. I went to the book store yesterday and saw hundreds of posters and stickers about “buy 2 get one free” deals. Everyone is hurting in this economy - but the wealthy or smart people weather it better because they have options and a deferent mind set - as where regular people like me are stuck making money [income] at a dead end job. If you love your job, career hey that’s great. But when the kids ask for toys, milk or an unexpected expense comes along that breaks your bank - you only have X amount of dollars to work with because your boss is not going to give you a raise.

I watch the gas pump like a hawk [ not that it does me any good ] and at my job [ where I make most of my money after taxes ] I see people purchase with the gas pump in mind. I mean that people will say things like - “I have to watch my pennies, gas is too high”. Why, because even with a job - we live on a fixed income and every time gas goes up, food prices go up - our dollar [ spending power ] drops.

No I don’t want my kids to be greedy make money at all cost kind of people. But I do want them to think different, see the world different. Have the insight to take educated risk and plan wisely for the future. Rather than be like dad and save , save , save and be no farther ahead than I was 20 years ago. Or worse - be like Mom and millions of other Americans who live for today and now 20 years later still can’t see that their no better off than they were before.

Growing old and finding out that making money was important

I watch my father in-law who only has a year to go before he retires at age 50. It’s great that he has a job that gives him that ability - but he wonders if he could afford to retire. He is concerned with the fact that the money he makes, the money he saved, … will it be enough for him to live a comfortable life? I listen to him and wonder - what will I be thinking, doing when it’s time for me to retire - will I be able to retire?

Do I want my kids to do the same or can I teach them to do things, think in ways that will better them in the long run. That when they reach age 40, or 50 they could retire with little worries and if they work, it’s because they want to - not because they need to make money in order to survive.

I'm not talking making them into millionairs - just better off than me.

4th July week end re-cap

Sorry I'm late with my 4th of July antics - I wasn't sure if I should post it. It really was a wacky kind of time.

To start with I had to work that Saturday - which was bad enough - but in the morning before I left for work - my wife calls me all franticly. Apparently my neighbor was sprawled across the ground in his driveway. First I thought he was dead - then possibly hurt - but no, he was drunk. So I had to help in into his house... Nice start to my week end.
Then on Sunday we went to the beach { I hate the sun } and as I tried to enjoy myself, thou concerned about my sons safety as he carelessly played in the water with large waves batting him around - we experience a scene with a lost kid. The kid was about 3 yrs old and people were making a big scene. Ofcourse the dad showed up just in time to stop the local authority from taking his kid away [ 50 minutes later ] goodness gracious.

And my wife wonders why I am so over protective of my kids... a drunk next door, missing kids - sure why not ignore the dangers of this life... we can always make more kids - right honey .....LOL

Obama - you make it so easy to criticize you.

Obama - you make it so easy to criticize you.

Soon we will be hearing how knives and forks are not allowed when eating in the presence of the oh so wonderful magnificent great President Obama. After all - if an umbrella is considered a dangerous weapon - how much more a fork....

Washington times : inside beltway
Graduating midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis are being told in writing to leave at home or in their vehicles all "ceremonial swords" and anything else "that might be considered a weapon or a threat by screeners" for Friday's outdoor commencement ceremonies featuring an address by President Barack Obama.

Inside the Beltway has obtained the academy's list of prohibited items for this year's graduation exercises, which, besides ceremonial swords, includes umbrellas.
president obama

Islands of Adventure Florida

Islands Of Anventure

Islands of Adventure FloridaYep - Free Islands of Adventure tickets, so we just had to go. Or atleast that’s what I was told. Well free didn’t turn out to be so free - after the tolls, parking, eating and extra tickets - I spent more than I should have at this wonderful “Islands of Adventure” Florida theme park.

Ok, my son had a blast at Islands of Adventure and I got badly sun burned but hey, this is what happy memories [ and skin cancer] is all about. Let me give you a hint - it’s great to have the two park pass - yes it maybe a bit more expensive - but in the end, it pays off. In my case - around 3 o’clock after I was good and toasty [ burned from walking around Islands of Adventure that offers very little in the shade department ] my wife said “let’s go over to the other park [ Universal ] and play in the children’s water area [ best idea she’s had all day ].

God I was so happy to sit under a water fall and have that nice cool water cool me off. They even had fans blowing - you know where I sat - right under those fans. My son ofcourse ran himself ragged running from water area to water area - even made me go into an indoor area where you had air cannons that shot balls at people. Ofcourse I had to get the balls and the whacks to give my son ammo.

The heat really got to my little boy because on our way home - he was out like a light. But all in all it’s a nice park - I prefer Universal Studios over Islands of adventure - but hey- my son will remember it as a happy family memory.

islands of adventure floridaislands of adventures
islands of adventures betty boopIslands of Adventure Florida

spiderman universaluniversal islands of adventure

islands of adventure theme parkislands of adventure food
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