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4th July week end re-cap

Sorry I'm late with my 4th of July antics - I wasn't sure if I should post it. It really was a wacky kind of time.

To start with I had to work that Saturday - which was bad enough - but in the morning before I left for work - my wife calls me all franticly. Apparently my neighbor was sprawled across the ground in his driveway. First I thought he was dead - then possibly hurt - but no, he was drunk. So I had to help in into his house... Nice start to my week end.
Then on Sunday we went to the beach { I hate the sun } and as I tried to enjoy myself, thou concerned about my sons safety as he carelessly played in the water with large waves batting him around - we experience a scene with a lost kid. The kid was about 3 yrs old and people were making a big scene. Ofcourse the dad showed up just in time to stop the local authority from taking his kid away [ 50 minutes later ] goodness gracious.

And my wife wonders why I am so over protective of my kids... a drunk next door, missing kids - sure why not ignore the dangers of this life... we can always make more kids - right honey .....LOL


Nubia said...

which beach did you go to? it looks nice. I can't believe your neighbor was in the driveway passed out drunk! lol does he think he's still in college?!

Parenting Craziness said...

The Beach - Ani-bell island beach [ some where in sarasota florida ] .... Had to drive thru three beach areas to get to that one.

As for my neighbor - maybe he is relieving his college days and going on drinking binges...??? It was just a bit scary to find him sprawled out on his driveway unconciouse.

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