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Islands of Adventure Florida

Islands Of Anventure

Islands of Adventure FloridaYep - Free Islands of Adventure tickets, so we just had to go. Or atleast that’s what I was told. Well free didn’t turn out to be so free - after the tolls, parking, eating and extra tickets - I spent more than I should have at this wonderful “Islands of Adventure” Florida theme park.

Ok, my son had a blast at Islands of Adventure and I got badly sun burned but hey, this is what happy memories [ and skin cancer] is all about. Let me give you a hint - it’s great to have the two park pass - yes it maybe a bit more expensive - but in the end, it pays off. In my case - around 3 o’clock after I was good and toasty [ burned from walking around Islands of Adventure that offers very little in the shade department ] my wife said “let’s go over to the other park [ Universal ] and play in the children’s water area [ best idea she’s had all day ].

God I was so happy to sit under a water fall and have that nice cool water cool me off. They even had fans blowing - you know where I sat - right under those fans. My son ofcourse ran himself ragged running from water area to water area - even made me go into an indoor area where you had air cannons that shot balls at people. Ofcourse I had to get the balls and the whacks to give my son ammo.

The heat really got to my little boy because on our way home - he was out like a light. But all in all it’s a nice park - I prefer Universal Studios over Islands of adventure - but hey- my son will remember it as a happy family memory.

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1 comment:

Nubia said...

never heard of islands of adventure, see what us New Yorkers miss out on? I am glad your son had a good time. Where stronger SPF next time! I used to LOVE going to King's Dominion when I was a kid...good memories =)

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