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New Water Heater at Home Depot... oh God help me...

Replacing the Water Heater - funny story, don’t laugh

The water heater went out and it needed replacing. Ofcourse, I was told that all that needed to be done was replace the heating elements on the water heater… no problem, sounds easy……Not !

water heaterI bought the heating elements for the water heater - and found out it was the wrong kind.. Returned to home depot to get the right heating elements for my water heater… did it work…. No !

So finally after 5 weeks of being unable to go to home depot to by a whole water heating unit [ and suffering many a cold showers ] I finally was able to go get a brand new water heater - even 10 gallons bigger than my old one.

So you want to hear a joke?

How many trips to home depot does it take to replace one water heater?

Apparently four trips... One to by the water heater unit.
water heaterAnother to get the pipe fittings. A third to get the right pipe fittings and a fourth trip to get the pressure release pipe and fittings. Thank God it only took one time to actually take out the old unit and put in the new water heating unit.

Really, this day has been an adventure… thank God for the home depot lady that helped me… [ sorry I can’t remember your name ] But if I would have kept doing this on my own… it would have taken me 15 or so trips to home depot to replace my broken water heater. Really, they should sell a kit for dummies that brings everything in it.

Now I just have to find time to return some of these unwanted pipes and fittings that I have left over….One more trip to home depot family, lets go....

Say Good Bye to the old water heater kids..

replacing old water heater

1 comment:

Nubia said...

what's a water heater? lol see what happens when u live in the city!?

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