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Kids, more kids and no time

kids football
Kids, more kids and no time.
It’s been a while since my last post. Not because my life is boring but because it’s so consumed with the things that have to be done. School started so last more running around - books, taking them to school, homework, friends coming over to visit more darn home work. If that’s not enough - my wife decides to put my five year old son in flag football. Oh geez….

Look I think it’s great that he is getting involved, has a place outside of school to rough house and make friends. The practices are good for his health it’s just so darn time consuming and some of those sports mom and dad are nuts. Really - whackos, just plain whack jobs.

flag footballThe first day I was able to leave work early to go to one of my sons practices - proved to me that this was going to be a waste of my time. First I sat at the side of the field watching the kids play and then practice… I love my son, but I could have been doing something more productive. Then I had a mom and dad sitting next to me that were screaming their heads off. No, not screaming encouragement but insults to their own ten year old son.

You worthless pile of sh*t!
Stop crying and get up you bumb!
Damn your so lazy, piece of crap!

And it only got worse from there on. I mean really, the kid is ten years old, over weight, has twenty pounds of equipment on him and the best dad can say is - you piece of sh*t ! ok, dad, love you too.

Look, I understand you get caught up in wanting your kid to do good - I feel the same way when I see my son goof off at practice… they nick named him “ninja” because he starts pretending to do karate when he should be paying attention - but I’m not going to call him worthless… I may not find it entertaining to sit there in the sun watching five years olds try and play flag football. I do like it when we go home and he wants to sit with me and watch pro football on TV. I even like it when he says that he wants to be a professional football player when he gets big [ even thou I know he is just saying that cause that’s what little boys do]. I love the fact that he is making friends and staying active…

I just wish they wouldn’t go so over board with all the practices and a game every single Saturday - come on, my life is full of things to do - relax people it’s just a game.

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Nubia said...

wow--some parents really are crazy! that's cute that your kid is into karate, have you shown him the Karate Kid movie? Or is that too much encouragement? haha. Geez, someone needs to call child services on those parents!

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