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5 yr old already going steady ???? funny children dating

Here I was, getting everything ready for school:
children dating parenting advice
* 5 yr old bathed and dressed [ checked ]
* brushed his teeth [ checked ]
* lunch for school ready [ checked ]
* gold ring for girlfriend [checked - what ?????]

That is right, I found a gold ring [ costume jewelry ] amongst my 5 year olds things as I was getting him ready to go to school. When I asked him about it - he smiled and slowly told me it was for his girlfriend ... his girlfriend?

First I wanted to be proud - my boy is a stud...
then I thought, what the heck he is only five...
then I thought again - what a stud....
then back to, who the heck told him to give the girl a ring ????

children to young for datingI thought it was bad when he would occassionally mention that he liked a girl in school. Hey, all kids say that. Then one day he said he had a girlfriend [ ok not too bad, everyday it was a different girls name so it can't be too serious ]

But a ring, who the heck gives a girl a ring at age five. For goodness sake it wasn't until I was 10 that I gave a serious gift to a girl I liked and it was just perfume - not a ring?

Geez, hopefully it's nothing, but kids sure want to grow up fast now a days. Next he'll be probably asking to borrow the car to go on a date....

1 comment:

Cityencounters said...

crazy! at least he really knows how to win a girl's heart =)

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