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an Army of one 5 yr old

Here I was dragged to the mall, not just any mall but the mall in the next county. Tired, disgusted and broke.... my wife decides to tell me while on our long trip home that we need to make a stop ???

For what?
Oh to take some pictures of your son on a tank?

what??? tank, pictures, why??
I dressed him up and I have the camera, we might as well.

No, not really, [ was what I was thinking....] but my son already started gleefully shouting "yeah dad, I have to...".

So stop I did. The strange thing is, my wife’s biggest concern is that my son will join one of the branches of the Armed forces - but she is also the one encouraging him by buying him everything Army or having him visit tanks....

I have to say, though I was tired [ disgusted and broke ] I did enjoy taking the pictures, watching the excitement in my little boys eyes as he got on the tank, looked at all the parts and pretended to be blowing up Canada ???

Here are some pic's below - look at the cute kid, ignore the ugly man [ me... lol ]...

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children army fun

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