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Banned From McDonalds ??? Oh NO!!!!!

As I did some of my Christmas shopping today - mostly for the wife [ took kids to get mom a gift ] I decided to forgo my doctors orders and eat at my favorite fast food place - [ say it with me ] "McDonalds.... just rolls of the tongue.... :)

So, I went into McDonalds and as I stood in line waiting for 12 minutes as a single man argued with the manager about McDonalds charging him .30 cents extra for extra onions on his dollar hamburger.

banned from mcdonaldsThe manager explained to the customer that it was corporate policy and not just this one stores policy - but the man continued to insist that he always gets extra onions for free. As I waited surprised at how this man really was making an as* of himself [ or maybe it was because I was hungry and wanted to push him out of my way ] but finally the manager gave him the number to McDonalds corporate 1-800 number.

So he finally stepped aside [ so I can make my order ] to call the corporate office. As I made my order he came back to the manager and again started to complain - so the manager got on the phone with corporate and then gave the man a free cup of water and escorted him out.

As I picked up my food the manager came in and informed the staff that if that man were ever to come back to this McDonalds that they were instructed to ask him to leave and if he refused - to call the police on him.

Ofcourse the whole situation was an ordeal for me, but the free sundae the manager gave me for being so patient so long helped me recover nicely... :)

1 comment:

Cityencounters said...

i know times are tough, but fighting over .30 cents?! Come on, that is ridiculous! Maybe he was gonna use that change to purchase a stick of gum after eating all those onions on his burger. crazy!

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