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Halloween - How to make a cake look like a Pumpkin [ not a recipe ]

halloween recipe
How to make a cake look like a Pumpkin !
Oh, Halloween - the scariest day [ night ] of the year.
In time past me and the ball and chain would have gone to universals Halloween horror nights, a stroll thru old town with all the whacko’s or simply watched a very scary movie [ and then got busy .... :) - did I say that out loud?] .

But when you have children you have to temper your ways and make the scariest night of the year - a bit more child friendly… whoopee… So, a Halloween party it is. Go “trick a treating”, dress up [ I dressed up as Clark Kent ( superman’s secret identity ) on vacation [ check it out, I think it was creative] .

halloween women are strongerOfcourse my family outing turned into a reason to invite four of my daughters friends to come to the party and to top it off - sleep over as well [ talk about cackling witches - scary ]. I believe the night truly was a big success [ thank you Annie - for inviting us and your decorating skills are great! ]

The girls had fun, all the kids went "trick-a-treating" and the adults actually had a fun time talking, taking pictures and scaring the kids [ loved it ]. Despite the mess in the kitchen - I loved the cake my ball and chain made, it tasted good and looked great. It was a pumpkin - hard to make but looked awesome.

How to make a pumpkin shaped cake:
halloween recipe cake

1- Take a bunt cake pan and make two cakes
[ use your choice of recipe ]
2- remove baked cakes from pans and cut top of cake flat
3- decide which cake should be the top and which should be bottom
4- use a filling [ thin layer ] simply to hold two pieces together
5- used a ice cream cone [ with flat bottom ] as stem
6- decorate to look like pumpkin

* can’t use fondant because you lose the curves necessary to make it look like a pumpkin - so use icing [ it will take practice ].

Tell Me that don't look Good

Trust me "Chuky" is not the scariest of the Bunch !

halloween costumes

Winners of the Best Costume Award - way to go guys!

cake recipe halloween costume

And this is on a good day :)

funny children costumes

So, there was a witch, a fairy and this ghost - no, it’s really funny....

children fairy tale

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