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Verizon wireless Price change - unlimited talk

Verizon has finally realized that despite the better service -money talks and bull walks.. well, in this case, the bad economy and hard times are more of a factor than better service.

People have been moving to Boost and Metro pc [ even if it is crappy service ] mainly because of the price. Also { I presume } in response to Sprints attempt to desperately keep it's remaining customers from leaving [ unlimited talk and everything low price campaign ] Verizon finally lowered some prices in it's price plan.

But is it enough?

New Changes to VZW

price plan change for: New name and price
single line - unlimited - "talk" @ $69.99
single line - unlimited - "talk and text" @ $89.99

* certain models require "data" feature with activation.
Data plans: $9.99 25 mb [ w/ email ] *(0.20 after allowed usage)
$29.99 unlimited [ w/ email ] *( can be placed on simple phone)

Family share Plan - unlimited - "Talk" @ $119.99 [2 phones]
family share plan - unlimited - "talk & text" @ $149.99
[ * add a line for unlimited is $49.99 up to 3 ]

Phone list / that require data plan minimum of $9.99
* Lg chocolate touch
* ENV3
* ENV Touch
* VX 8360
* Entice
* Rival
* Rogue
* Alias 2
* Twist

Plans that will be done away with:
Premium plan and connect plan * will be discontinued and will need to be changed by feb 1, 2010.
* the single 1350 min and family 3000 min plans disappear.

To be honest, I do not see any savings to the regular user. Those people that already were paying for unlimited talk or unlimited talk and text will see a savings. Other issues with these changes is the fact that all the cool phones people like are now required to have atleast a minimum data plan of $9.99.

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